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Monday, January 19, 2009


Dear Kelly, Scott and Harper-I have been praying for you all like I haven't prayed before! I believe in the Lord and I pray in my own way, I 'm just not a big religious person. I was never raised that way. When I found your blog and started reading it, you empowered me to be a better person. We are the same age so the desire to have children was as great as yours. We have so many qualities that I know that if we were living closer together, we would be best friends! Your sweet Harper has been in my thoughts and heart since the day you told us were pregnant. When you gave birth, it was as if all of us in blogland were giving birth, Ha-ha! I don't think there have been a bigger anticipated birth!! We all thank you for the opportunity to let us bloggers in to your lives and heart and the chance to know this sweet, fragile little girl whom we all have come to love! I have also enjoyed your families' blogs as well and have been keeping up on updates with them as well. Take care of each other and I'll keep praying for all of you!!

Hugs & Kisses---
Tammy Justice n Scott Matheney
Kent, Ohio

Friday, January 16, 2009


Please Pray for Kelly, Scott and baby Harper!! They really need us today!